Free Pinterest Training And Why You Need It

Today's Freebie

Not only do I love sharing free photography tools and resources with you that I find, I also want to share free business tools. 

Photographers....seasoned, or new, we ALL experience slow times. If you do this full time, I envy you, but I know that full timers experience slow times as well. 

Two words...Side hustle. 

Don't have one? Get one. I encourage it with every ounce of my being. 

Reason 1. You can generate a little (or a lot) of money during your slow times. 

Reason 2. Every opportunity leads to another opportunity. What I mean by that is, are you knowledgeable in photography? If so, have you thought about teaching it? I've done it. I volunteered to teach photography to kids ages 8-18 through our local 4H group. Yes that was free, but it lead to me gaining a few clients. Why not create a workshop for moms wanting to take better photos of their kids? There are so many opportunities you can find outside photography, but still linked to it.

Do you have a blog? Look into affiliate marketing. Not sure what that is? I encourage you to contact me and ask any question about it that you want. I LOVE talking about that stuff. Imma nerd 😉. 

The freebie that I am sharing with you today is not affiliate marketing, but its something that I found that has truly changed the way I approach affiliate marketing, and how I share my information. Amber Temerity's free Pinterest training changed my views on Pinterest COMPLETELY. I signed up for her training, learned a bunch of awesome stuff, and then went and opened my Pinterest, and there right in front of me, was so much untapped potential at my fingertips that I didn't know I had. I mean...when I saw, this: 

10.6K Monthly views

TEN THOUSAND! What?! Are you freaking kidding me? And I wasn't even using Pinterest like I am now! That number was insane to me! The idea gates opened and I was flooded with this magnificent heavenly light shining down on that Pinterest logo. 

So today I am sharing Amber's free Pinterest Training. I loved it, I will recommend it to everyone, and you are seriously missing out on some amazing information if you don't take this. 

Go check it out here at Amber Termerity's Free Pinterest Training

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