I Had A Complaint

When someone hurts my friends or talks bad about them, I do everything I can to stick up for them and resolve any conflict that I am capable of doing. Since I found BP4U, I think of this company in the same sense as I do my friends. They are there for me when I need them with a variety of products at affordable prices, because they understand that its hard to run a business, let alone start one. And their customer service is like no one else!! Also, they are like the famous friend that you love bragging about that you are associated with them 😉.


With that being said, I had a complaint yesterday about the prewritten blog posts ☹️. And that's OK!! 


Kori, what? Why is that OK??? 


I'll tell you why. That shows me that when I am sharing these products with you, that I'm not educating you all enough about them. 


So what was the complaint? This photographer was worried that BP4U was selling content that wasn't theirs and unoriginal. I can totally see why they would think that. But here's the thing... they aren't just words you copy and paste and send to a client. They aren't just words that every photographer that purchases these, is going to be using the same exact content. Basically what BP4U and the writers that contributed did, was jog your thought process. They are ALL customizable to fit YOUR needs. They are fill in the blank as well. Not every photographer is going to have clients with the same exact name right? Nor the same life. Also, if you don't like the way a sentence was written, or you want to change it up a bit to fit your personality...you can do that :)!! 


See, there are photographers that are AMAZING at their craft. But are horrible at writing! So BP4U recognized that this was an issue, therefore, all the Hard To Write Emails and Prewritten Blog Posts products were created. 


I believe in this company. I believe in Brooke and her husband Guillermo. My business runs so much smoother because they exist. And I couldn't be more thankful for them! 

Oh hey, FYI, you can save 50% OFF all products for the next 6 hours with code BP4U50!!! 


Click here to go check out this amazing store >>> I LOVE BP4U!

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