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When it comes to the term brand, the first thing that comes to mind is your business colors and logo right? That is only 40% of what makes up the term. Your brand is YOU. It is your personality and the type of clients you attract. Me personally, my tarket market is blue collar families, stay at home moms, soccer moms, families that do things together. Like sports, family trips, movies. But at the same time, families that are thrifty and like saving money. Not so much the extreme couponer, but looking for the affordable option.

Who ever it is that you can relate to on a day to day basis, that is who you should be marketing to. 

 This blog post contains affiliate links. You may read my disclaimer  here.

This blog post contains affiliate links. You may read my disclaimer here.

But yes, your brand is also your colors, logo, etc. Think of big corporations like McDonalds, Best Buy, Nike. They all have a specific color(s), and their logo is on everything, and it is consistant. That consistancy through their years in business is what helps us to immediately recognize them. Have you ever taken that logo test online? It shows you half of the company's logo and you guess which one it is. Click here to take it. There are a few in there that you photographers better know!! 

I want to share with you these AMAZING marketing bundles. They include EVERYTHING! Templates for business cards, pricing lists that you can print out and give to your clients, matching letterheads for emails, brochure temlates, DVD sleeves, disc lables, thank you cards. Way too many to list! But they ALL match! That's not even the best part! The best part....the highest price on one of these bundles...$6.99. Yup. Which means the other bundles are priced even lower than that!!! 

Click on the images below to check them out for yourself!!


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