Drag And Drop Sale Word Art

Today's freebie!! Drag and drop sale word art! 

If your like me and when you think of a really awesome sale to have, you scramble to put things together! The pitch, and the graphics! And of course since I am really not good at making graphics, I rely on premade! 

TADA! Of course BP4U has these!!! 57 of them actually! And you can not beat $1.99! Just click here to get all of them!

AND you can use these in PicMonkey!! No photoshop required!!! 

Today I am giving you 3 overlays out of the 57! 

I know one of them has a lot of text to it that you may not even need. Just crop it out :). 


Just click on the image below to download! 

Click here to check out all BP4U's word art overlays! 

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