1 Free Marketing Template Guaranteed To Book The Session!

Today's freebie is a "We Miss You" marketing template. 

We all go through slow times in our business. This template is a great way to get a sale. Think of the clients you have had in the past. Has it been a year since you have seen them? 

Send them this card! The first thing it will do is make them feel special that you thought about them! Use images from your past session with them to remind them how important it is to capture those memories! 

The second thing it will do is remind them that they wanted to book with you again, but may not have been thinking of it at the moment...until you sent this! And your giving them a discount! Bonus! 

I mean, if you want to give them a discount you can. This is ALL customizable in photoshop! 

The image below I made SUPER quick! My two bottom images aren't even proportioned correctly! But you get the idea :). I might even fix this and send it to her!!! 

Just click on the image to get the download! 



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