75 Hard To Write Emails For Photographers


We can't always have the perfect clients. And sometimes they can make things a little awkward.

They can even make us mad with their responses. But, I chalk that up to just not understanding what it is we do after "just clicking a button ".

Thankfully BP4U created a product, 75 Hard to Write Emails For Photographers, that we can customize to fit our needs. Like how to respond to someone that's asking for a discount or asking for something for free. 

I've uploaded a free file for you to use. It is directly from the 75 Hard To Write Emails. And it's all yours!


Here are a few of the other emails that are included in this bundle:


When a Friend Wants a Free Session
When Your Friend Wants a Discount (mild version)
When Your Friend Wants a Discount (sale push)
Friend Wants Discounted Session (no available discounts)
Client Takes Too Long to Sign Contract
Client Wants Same Day / Early Previews and Photos
Client Wasn’t Aware of Digital Image Charge After Session
Client Requests Raw or Unedited Images
Client Requests More Images After You Send Edited Photos
Client Makes Demands That Conflict With Original Contract
In Response to a Client Who Relentlessly Hassles You About Images
Client Requests Specific Photo, But Image Didn’t Turn Out
Potential Client Says “You’re Too Expensive!” (no discount)
Potential Client Says “You’re Too Expensive!” (you will discount)
Follow Up Email to prior email (accepting their offer)

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