The Cutest Bosslady Shop Ever!

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So this post is not photography related, but it is business related!! 

I found this little shop on Pinterest the other day and I just HAD to share it!!! 


For anyone that loves these things:

  • Coffee

  • Wine

  • Decor Pillows

  • Cute Pencils & Pens for your desk

  • Greeting cards for clients

  • Make up and Jewlery

  • Pink & gold


Then you NEEEEED to check out Sweet Water Decor!!!! 

How cute are these thank you cards!!! I am so getting them to send to clients after our sessions!! 


And these pillows!!! Perfect for accent pillow in the studio or even using for a prop!! 



Check out their wedding section!!! 

I don't get overly excited too often...but this little shop just brought out the girly girl in me! LOL! THANK YOU FOR EXISITING!!! :)




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