How To Watermark Your Photos When You Don't Have Photoshop or Lightroom

There are a couple simple reasons why a photo needs a watermark. The first and obvious reason is so that it is immediately recognizable as your logo and brand. When people are scrolling through their newsfeeds, images stand out first. The more they see your watermark or logo, the quicker they recognize you and your business. Just like with corporate businesses like Apple, when you see their logo, you immediately know it's the company, Apple.


Another reason is to deter sneaky people from stealing your images and calling them theirs. Yes, there are other ways to prevent this, but this is the easiest way.

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Here are a few Do's and Don'ts for watermarks: 

  • Don't make the watermark so big on the image, that it is distracting. 
  • Don't make the watermark so light that it can't be seen. 
  • Don't place it to close to the edge of an image that it can easily be cropped out. 
  • Do make it small, and place it off to the side of the obect/subject. 
  • Don't deliver your final product to clients (family, children, wedding, etc) with the water mark on the images. 
  • Do watermark any image you intend on sharing on any social media platform. 

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Below you can watch 2 quick videos on how to create a text watermark and a logo image, on your photos using PicMonkey

How to use text in PicMonkey:

How to add your logo image in PicMonkey


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