Stop Selling Your Product Or Service! Start Building This Instead!

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If you are selling your product or service, you are doing it wrong! And there is that look of confusion right?! LOL! Let me explain:


Tim Smith (names have been changed to protect the innocent!) is a guy I know from my hometown. He coached my daughters softball team for a couple years, we have some mutual friends, and on occasion we would run into each other at the local bar. I am a mom, work full time, and work part time with photography, so I am pretty busy a lot of the time, but when my husband and I get the rare chance to have fun… we take it! White Russian's are my jam ….  Anyway, Tim and I were Facebook friends, but we never really talked. Just, an acquaintance so to speak. One day, out of the complete blue, Tim sent me a message:


“Would it be possible to talk with you and the husband one evening?”


Not kidding. My first reaction was uhhh what?! Weird. So I replied :


“Hey there!! Well... Depends... About what?”



“Investments, Sara and I have recently gotten securities licensed and we are doing 2 things
1) looking for people that want to make an extra 1000.00 a month p/t
2) people that would like to earn a higher percentage on your investments, it can be your current program or ours
No selling just talking and sharing information”


Immediate RED FLAG. Don’t. Just stop. Completely and utterly the wrong way to approach someone. Wrong wrong wrong. Here’s why:


  1. We don’t know each other that well. AT. ALL.

  2. Do not send me a message out of nowhere that has a complete sales pitch ALL OVER IT.

Statistics are, it takes a person 8 times to be introduced to a product or service before they invest. 

I have talked about this before, Know. Like. Trust. You can read more about in the blog post: The Dirty Little Photographer Secret


It takes time to build a business. Sometimes years. Think about it like this: If my very very best friend in the whole wide world were involved with Tim’s investment, and her and I were out shopping, or having dinner, conversing like real people do in everyday real lives, and she nonchalantly brought up the fact that she was involved in this investment, told me a few little tidbits of information, and we actually talked about it like real friends do in a real conversation, I might actually be interested in what she has to say as well as wanting more information... voluntarily.  


The biggest reasons? Because I know her. I like her, and I trust her.


Success is about building relationships and friendships. I’m not telling you to go out there and make everyone your best friend. I’m telling you to build your success on friendships. Get to know your client. What they want, what they need, and most importantly, what can YOU help THEM with. Find something you can relate to with them and build on that. Remember how easily it was when we were kids to make friends? We liked playing the same games, we became friends. Of course sometimes it only lasted a few weeks! L! But you get my point.


The Gist...don’t be salesperson. Be a person. HELP. Don’t SELL.

Photography isn't all about JUST the pictures. Its HOW you run your business. How do you connect with potential clients? How are you connecting with current clients? And not just photography. ANY business. 

Do you have an email newsletter? A Facebook group or a page? I want you to go back through past sessions and come up with a couple images that you can tell a story about. Document the memories. Don't sell it. Don't post pictures and then say a session. Look at that picture and tell its story! 

Comment below and tell me the story you are going to tell! 




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