30 Prewritten Blog Posts For Wedding and Engagement Photographers


Wedding season is upon us!! My first wedding of the year was a few weeks ago. It POURED like crazy all day long! It was insane! Thankfully the groom had purchased his suit instead of renting because we were able to get together to do a bridal session just this past weekend! here is an image from our session:

When it comes time for me to post wedding images, I like to tag the vendors that were apart of the special day. Weddings are HARD work! And everyone involved deserves recognition. 

Knowing the small details about the couple helps when coming up with content to post either for social media or your blog. But there are times when its so hard to come up with something to say!! Then here comes BP4U to the rescue :)! I swear they think of everything!! That is why I love them so much! 


They created THIRTY pre written blog posts for weddings and engagments. They have done the work for you!! I wanted to give you one so you can see just how amazing these are. This particular form is what you would send to your bride and groom after booking. Its a questionaire for them to fill out. Every last detail. What vendors are they using. What song is being played for their first dance. How did they meet. Who popped the question and how. I mean...everything! You can get this form by clicking here

And then when you see how awesome this little form is, go get the other 29 posts here

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