10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Photographers

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Photographers

We ALL know a photographer! And shopping for a gift for us can be super easy!! No, you do not have to purchase a $2000 camera! Uh, we won't turn it down though!! But leave big tech stuff for us to research :). 

Instead, here are 10 practicle ideas for your photo loving family or friend! 

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1. You aren't a photographer if you don't have one of these ;-)! Its kind of like a right of passage if you get tagged on Facebook at least 2ce per year! 

$10.83 from Amazon


christmas gift ideas for photographers.png


2. You can NEVER have enough SD cards! They make great stocking stuffers! 

SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB $36 from Amazon 


3. Another great stocking stuffer. 

$18.90 From Ebay


4. The photographers way of taking a selfie! 

$9.99 from Amazon (NIKON)

CANON $7.99 from Amazon


5. The ULTIMATE Business bundle for any beginner photographer! 

$9.99 from BP4U



6. OK, to anyone else, this looks like maybe a Christmas decoration?? Well its not. Trust me when I say that these prisms are a HOT item. They are so cheap, $14.98 from Amazon, so small, but make a HUGE impact on a creative image! You can check out examples of prism images here.  

7. I know I said at the top of this post, leave the equipment research to us. However, if the beginner photographer in your life does not have a nifty fifty, you NEED to get them one. A 50mm lens is a MUST for a beginner photographer. The “kit lens” that comes with your camera will not help you to understand photography as well, and will leave you frustrated. A great fixed lens makes a BIG difference! This is a great purchase, at just over $100. Canon or Nikon (click the link for your respective camera body)

Nifty fifty.jpg

8. These silicon lens wrist bands would make a great stocking stuffer! 

$7.99 from Amazon


9. Of course we are all going to need new 2018 planners to fill up with booked sessions! This cute one is $11.99 at Target!


10. This charm is only $5 on Etsy! 



Of course you can never ever go wrong with gift cards either! Here are a few camera shops to get them from: 



B&H Camera

Best Buy

Creve Coeur Camera






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