10 Ways To Start Getting Photography Clients Today!

10 Ways To Start Getting Photography Clients Today!

1.Write a blog post

There is a reason this is #1 on the list. I blog. I started blogging 5 months ago. It has been an amazing experience! Now, my topics are geared towards beginner photographers, however, it is still a key component in any business. And I know what you are thinking, that you have no idea what to write about. Here are some ideas:

  -Each session you have. Talk about the subjects and your experience at the session. 

  -The locations you shoot at

  -If you shoot weddings, talk about each vendor! They love free publicity! And of course add photos to correlate. 


Still not sure what to write about? Check out Blogging Made Easy from BP4U. Pre written custommizable templates, as well as detailed questionnaires for your clients to fill out prior to your session! 

This blog post contains affiliate links. You may read my disclaimer here.

2. Shoot for FREE

Yes, I said it.  I know some photographers are completely against doing photo work for free. There is NOTHING wrong with it! Do some work in your community for free. Volunteer your services at local events in your community. Run a contest on Facebook for people to enter to win a free session! It will build your brand and get your name out there and showcase your company as part of the community. 

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3. Start an email list

If you think about social media this way, Facebook, Instagram, etc, OWN your audience. With email, you have control. A once per week newsletter is great for keeping your business on a clients, or potential clients radar. If that is something you think you would like to try out, I HIGHLY suggest Mailerlite. I have experience with Mailchimp and Madmimi. But Mailerlite has been the best as far as being user friendly and exceptional customer support. Also it is free up to 1,000 subscribers :)! 

4. Build a website and Facebook business page

When someone comes across your work and love it, they want to know more. These days, people immediately search for a business on Facebook. From there they look for your website. Not having either of those will lose potential clients. Most people don't want to get information from a personal Facebook page. That feels too connected, too fast.

5.  Donate your time at your child’s school (or a local school) to photograph a school function.

Pass your card out at the function, talk with people there and have people download their photos through a site like shootproof or Pixieset. You can also set up a print store through them and customers can order prints. 

6. Tell people you are a photographer.

OK, this might seem a little weird.  BUT, how many of you feel a little silly (if you are just starting out) when you tell people your career is a photographer.  I get it, it’s weird when you don’t really have clients.  But the more people you tell when you are out and about in your daily routine, the more people will start to make a connection with you as the local photographer. They might not need your services now, but they might come in contact with someone they know that does and refer them to YOU! And the more you talk about yourself and what you do, the more confident you become talking about it. Then, it just becomes second nature, and people will view you as an authority in your art! One super simple trick to get people to ask you...Do you have a logo for your business? Do you drink coffee?? Get a personalized coffee cup with your logo on it! Or a T shirt! Check out my new sparkly coffee cup I just got! 


People see it, ask what that logo means, and viola! Open invitation to tell them I am a photographer that specializes in family and children portraits, as well a beginner photographer and small business educator! *Side note* Something to think about...what did businesses do before the internet?? 

7. Create an Instagram account for your business. 

Instagram is perfect for photographers. When you learn to leverage the #'s to work for you. Such as your location. Tag it. Tag the location of where you shot the images. people do hastag searches and they will see your work. If you need more help, check out this amazing Instagram training course from Alex Tooby! 


8. Add your business logo and/or website link to your email signature (business and personal).

Think of all the emails you send out in a week.  Maybe to your child’s teacher, work colleagues (double check this is ok first!!) , relatives, etc.  Having your link in your signature is a subtle way of branding yourself and getting your name out there. As well as if you have a website, you can link back to it from your signature. 

9. Make business cards.

Pass them out where ever you can. Do your kids go to a daycare? I bet the have a bulliten board for daily announcements. Check with the director and see if you can tack a few up there. 

Check out Basic Invite. com. They have been well known for stationary and invitations. But they are now doing business cards! 



10. Partner with a realtor in your area.

Think about this.  Realtors meet lots of people everyday.  People who are looking for new homes and will need to decorate their homes  (with family pictures!)  Offer the realtors a special gift from you to give to their clients who purchase homes.  Maybe a free session fee or ½ price as a congratulations on their new family purchase! You could go even further with this and talk to other vendors or local shops and create a gift bag full of goodies and coupons! 


I hope these tips serve you well!! If you have any questions or more ideas, leave me a comment below! 



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