300 Mini Session Ideas (*With Pricing Guide Help)

300 Mini Session Ideas (*With Pricing Guide Help)

I love doing mini sessions. I pick the location, they are 30 minutes, not a lot of editing, and I can schedule as many as I can fit in to my allotted time. But, some times I have a hard time coming up with ideas if I want to do a themed mini session.

I tend to think of a great idea, after the fact. Like when Pokemon Go came out for example. The fad was getting ready to die down and that is when I had the idea to do Pokemon Go mini sessions. I found a PNG image of the main screen in the game, as well as PNG images of the Pokemon. It would have been so fun!! I could have posed kids like they were holding the Pokemon ball and added that in, in photoshop along with the other Pokemon. But I knew the game was starting to lose interest and wouldn't have brought many people in. UGH! So wish I would have thought of that sooner!!

Lesson learned. And that brings me to BP4U's brand spanking new product, that I am beyond excited about!!! The team brainstormed for weeks and came up with 300 out of the box ideas for mini sessions! Oh AND they even included a pricing guide that you can customize to fit your needs! 

Here is today's freebie: 

3 free sample statuses from the new product 300 Mini Session Ideas:

#1 Camping Mini Session: Camping is a great family activity in the spring and summer, and presents tons of photo opportunities! Head to a nearby campsite — or even set up a tent in the backyard — and capture all those fun camping activities. ** I have actually thought about doing this one before. I REALLLLY want to get one of the old Volkswagen campers, have a camp fire, and use a plaid blanket for the family to cover up with, and some of the old tin coffee cups to use for hot chocolate. Pretty sure I might get this one together for the fall :)! 

#2 My Pet and Me Mini Session: Everyone loves their pet so why not offer a special session with them and their pet? Set this up in your studio or at an outside location, or offer these in the client’s home if it is hard to transport their pet. Ideas include: 

● Cat and me ● Kitten and me ● Puppy and me ● Dog and me ● Turtle and me ● Snake and me ● Fish and me ● Chinchilla and me ● Bunny and me ● Mini pig and me ● And more!

**I don't want to discriminate....but I don't know that I would personally offer a mini session with a snake! LOL! 

#3 Sparkler Mini Session You can do this two different ways. One option is to take pictures of kids holding a sparkler. The other option is to do long exposure pictures and have them make shapes or spell words with the sparkler. Either way, make sure you go over the safety rules first! **Or you can use the sparkler/firework overlays from BP4U! There are two different packs and both are $5.00 or less!! Just click here to check them out! 

I hope this jogged your mini session ideas a bit! There are so many more...297 more actually! Just click on the image below, there are 6 more sample ideas for you! 


What are some unique locations that you have shot at before?? 

Leave a commnet below! Don’t want to fill in your real name? No problem! Just type Jane or Joe if you want! Then click “comment as a Guest!”

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