Posing Children 101 (Loaded With Tons Of Tips And Tricks!)

Posing Children 101 (Loaded With Tons Of Tips And Tricks!)


When it comes to posing children, it can be tricky! As soon as you pick the camera up to take their photo they turn into a tiny Jim Carry that can't take anything serious, and over react till the sun goes down with their crazy hyper little noodle bodies. 

So, how do you get these noodles to sit still long enough to pose them, let alone get one image in focus? Bribes! All the bribes! LOL! Just kidding. Kinda. When it comes to kids ages 12 and under (and honestly most boys ages, 90 and under....yes, I meant to type 90! LOL) they feel uncomfortable infront of the camera and they don't know how to act. It is best to talk to mom and dad before the session, to see if it is ok to bring a candy treat for bribes if needed. Its best for YOU to bring it because if they are just meeting you for the first time at the session, thats a win for you! 

For toddlers, I purchased a lens buddy. It has helped SOOO much! Mine is an owl because I am obsessed with owls! Here are a few things I do with my lens buddy that helps:

1. I let the kids give her a name

2. I turn her around backwards if the kids are acting up and tell them she won't turn back around until they are behaving

3. If they are good they get to hold her

4. I ask the kids to keep an eye on her incase SHE is acting up. One little boy told me she was eating a cheese burger and got ketchup all over my camera! LOL! 

Here are a few lens buddies that I found on ebay that are so cute! You can click on any image to get more info!

Another way to help get kids to pose, is to get down on their level. Sit down on the ground with them and talk to them. Ask them about their favorite cartoon show. If they are in school ask talk to them about their favorite thing to do there. 

One thing I do when they are acting up a bit is tell them, I LOVE how silly they are, so how about we get all these boring poses done and out of the way that mom and dad want to do, and then at the end, I will have you make the SILLIEST faces you can make for me! 

posing children (1).png

Yes, a lot of times dads like to get in on that silly face making as well! LOL!

BP4U got together with their team and created this guide, Posing 101 for Children Photography. It goes over so many details like how to pose siblings, chair poses, standing poses. As well as outdoor and indoor posing! 

To get more details and get your copy, just click on the image below! 

Tell me in the comments what is it you do to get kids to feel comfortable at a family session???




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