The Dirty Little Photographer Secret

The Dirty Little Photographer Secret


We all do it. As photographers, as artists. We all compare ourselves to other photographers. I hate to say this, but some go so far comparing themselves, that they just up and quit photography. That makes me so sad!!

 There are so many of us out there. And people outside of the industry, well, even some photographers say this as well, that this market is oversaturated with photographers. I 150% disagree. I'm going to tell you why.

So you are sitting there editing away on a session you just had with this adorable family. You are killing it! You are so freaking proud of yourself!!! Your work is improving, the lighting, the posing. You just sit back and bask in the genius that you just made! Then, you decide to take a break, and of course get on FB. Scroll through your stupid messed up non chronological order of a feed (I'm not bitter about that at all!), and you come across a photo just posted by a local photographer.

 You notice how many comments and likes it is getting. Even a couple of shares. The doubt is starting to sink in.


"No one ever comments on my posts. How is it even possible! Look at that image! Its not even that good!!"

 Thoughts like that keep going through your head. You get so mad! You go back to your editing and then everything just seems to fall apart. You think your work is crap and why would anyone ever hire you!

 Stop it! I'm going to tell you what it is you aren't thinking about because your mind is so ultimately consumed by the artistic jealous rage!!!


 Wait, what?


 Take a step back from the artistic comparisons. The ONE thing that sets the successful apart from the not so successful, is how a business markets themselves. And I'm not just talking about the graphics that you make and post to social media to get a session booked. I'm talking about how a business treats their clients. All you see is what is being posted. Do you see behind the scenes? Nope. But I bet you are wishing you could be a fly on the wall right about now aren't you?

photographer depression.png


See, it's not always about the actual art. Have you ever heard of the term, K.L.T.? Know. Like. & Trust. You have no idea what it is that particular photographer has actually done to get their clients to know, like and trust them. Think of the big chain stores that you go into all the time. You know them. You like them, and you trust them. And if you REALLY like them, and they exceed your customer experience, you give them 5 star reviews, and tell all of your friends about them!


#1. Stop being jealous. If you are just starting out, and yes, I consider 2 years still starting out. There is so much still to try out, fail, and learn from. If you have the drive and the passion to continue on despite setbacks, you WILL succeed.


#2. What can you do to set yourself apart from everyone else? What amazing customer service experience have you had, that maybe you can apply to your business?


I want you to check out this guide, How To Start Your Photography Business. Here is just a couple things that are covered:


  • Business marketing

  • How to choose a niche'

  • How to use facebook pages

  • What all should you include in a session price

Tons and tons more! Just click on the image below!


ALSO!! Tell me in the comments below the best customer service experience that you have ever had!

Leave a commnet below! Don’t want to fill in your real name? No problem! Just type Jane or Joe if you want! Then click “comment as a Guest!”

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