How To Price When Starting Out

How To Price When Starting Out

I was talking to a very good friend of mine earlier today about her starting to dive in to her photography passion, and eventually charging for her services. She apologized for asking so many questions...ASK!!! As many as you want!! I want you ALL to do that! We ALL start somewhere. I know that there are photographers out there that get snotty with beginners. Stop talking to them and move on. Do NOT let it hurt your feelings one bit. Not all seasoned photographers are like that. That's why you are here ;-).

We all start somewhere. In anything. I'm sure there are 5 star chefs out there that burnt rolls and had bricks for cakes when they first started. 

You don't get anywhere if you don't start. You just have to jump in. Photography is a touchy subject for some. A lot of professionals argue that you aren't a professional unless you have a degree. Here is my opinion on that: Don't go for photography. Go for a business degree. There are plenty of mentors out there for photography. Youtube, Creative Live, BP4U ;-).  As well as learning on your own. Its just a matter of patience and motivation. Business on the other hand, thats not something people think about when they open an online store or, make a product and want to sell it online or in an actual brick and mortar establishment. There are so many aspects in photography that you learn by experience, trying and failing, and trying again. 

The beauty of starting your own business, you can go at your own pace. I started with photography when I was 16 (SHHHH...I'm 38). I had the time to learn all the technicalities. However I did not start my business until 9 years ago. After I had already been married and had my daughters. So just like many of you, I had to set aside time to learn. Time between a full time job, sports, homework, daily life, as well as marketing for sessions, shooting, editing those sessions. Ugh. I am worn out just thinking about all of that!! 

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I don't think I can ever stress this enough, the MAIN thing you NEED to have, is a contract! Even if you are just starting out and you aren't charging. YES you need to have a contract. You need something that states in detail what you are offereing,  and what your client is receiving. I hate to say this, but you will find out who your friends really are. Just because you offer something for free dosen't mean they will be overjoyed and grateful for the free service you provided for them. There are people out there that will try to take advantage of you. DON'T let it happen. The more you deal with these types of people, you will get better at it. And it gets easier and easier to put your foot down. Don't fall into the habit of being a push over. It will only hurt you in the long run. Please stop by our forms and contracts section and invest in a pre written, customizable contract. If you have any questions about them, PLEASE leave a comment. I have no issues with helping you. Just click here to check out our contracts and forms. 

 The main thing that attracted me to BP4U when I first found them, they are affordable!! Which is essential when you are just starting out. Of course you want to start your business first and foremost because of the passion you have for it. But the supplement income will be pretty sweet too! So how do you know how much to charge? When to charge? Wait, should newborn sessions cost more than family sessions? Do you want to sell prints? Just digitals? 

All those questions and more are answered in this updated guide, "How To Price When Starting Out". It even includes sample pricing packages so you can get an idea of what they look like. 

Oh hey and guess what...its only $5.99. Yup. Thats it. Click on the image below to read what photographers are saying about this guide! 


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