7 Places To Find Affordable Photography Props

7 Places To Find Affordable Photography Props




1. Hobby Lobby

Honestly, I think Hobby Lobby is catching on to the fact that photographers LOVE their store! Cake plates for 1st birthday cake smashes, adorable banners for girls and boys, photo booth props! I think there is even a small boat that is meant to be a planter....but you can fit a baby in it! 

After holiday Sales Is the best time! I know people tend to get in the mood for a holiday right before it arrives, but the best time to shop at Hobby Lobby for holiday props is after the holiday has passed! 50% or more off! 

Just be careful because you could find yourself saying, "Oh I need this for such and such type of pictures" when really you are justifying to yourself that it can be used to decorate your house! LOL! Or your daughters room. I did not do this with an adorable pink and white chair. I swear. 


2. Target

Need I say more? Yes, yes I may. I've noticed that Target has been carrying more and more gold themed items. LOOOOVE!


3. Garage Sales (Facebook)

Regular old fashioned garage sales and the for sale groups on Facebook. Whats awesome about these, you will more than likely find one of a kind items that no other photographer has. I went through a phase of buying odd, unique looking chairs. I've since sold most of them because i just did not have the room. But I have one that I can not bring myself to let go. Its a mustard yellow color. Not quite a wing back chair, but has a very unique look. And little toddlers look so cute in it because it is kind of big. 

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4. Local Mom And Pop Resale Shops

This is similar to the garage sale finds, but you are supporting a brick and mortar shop which is SO important! The town I used to live in has this adorable shop where I would constantly stalk their Facebook page because I would always be on the look out for something. 


5. Etsy

I like Etsy because similar to the Local mom and pop shops, you are supporting a small business. And there is no better compliment to a small business owner than buying from them. Tag them in your photo posts on social media too!! 

6. Amazon

I LOVE Amazon because I always find so many affordable back drops! check out a few below that I found for less than $30.00! You can click on any image to take you to the web page.


Tell me in the comments about the most unique prop you have! 

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