4 Easy Ways To Keep Photography Clients Coming Back

4 Easy Ways To Keep Photography Clients Coming Back

All photographers experience a slow time. Just because you are starting out in your business, don't think it's just you. We ALL do. These days it seems like we never have enough hours in our days. Life gets so busy! You have to stop and think, anyone outside of the photography industry, does not think about taking pictures the way we do. We are constantly either thinking of creative shots we want to take, as well as creative ideas to get clients to book with us.


Honestly, it's much more simple to get booked than you think. My husband is always giving me crap because I have zero patience. OK not zero. But it is very slim. I tend to overthink things when the answer is actually right in front of my face.


I wish I knew who said this, and if you do, please tell me! "Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark"

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That quote is 1,000% TRUTH! You could be the best photographer in the world. But if your customer service sucks....no one will want to book you.


Here are 4 easy ways to up your customer service game, and book returning clients, over and over again!

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1. Keep track of your clients birthdays. Mom, Dad, kids. All of them. At the session, get individual shots of them. With the kids, get them to make silly faces. Maybe even mom and dad if they are up for it! On their birthday...post that image and shout happy birthday to them!! Everyone loves to feel special on their birthday!!! If it's smaller kids that don't have social media, tag mom and dad anyway. They will love it!! If you implement this now and you don't have individual shots, that is completely fine! Use what ever image you want to.


2. Do you specialize in weddings? You can apply the same idea with their anniversary!


Bonus tip - When you tag them, their friends and family will see the image. They will "like" the image. On that picture, you can click on who liked that picture and invite them to like your page!


3. Keep track of client addresses and phone numbers. You can go one step further than social media and send them a personal card! Whether its for the holidays or their birthday! Just be sure that it is hand written! Grab your free download right here: Client Managment Spreadsheet!


4. Ask for their opinions.

There are times when we may have had 2-3 different sessions with a client, and then all of a sudden we see them post images from a different photographer. It stings a bit. All the thoughts start racing through your head: What did I do wrong? Oh my gosh, did I offend them in some way? They hate my images don't they?


We are our own worst critic. As artists, we need to learn to stop tearing ourselves apart. Because its very likely, it has nothing to do with us. But even if it is about us, it is OK. We can not, and should not, try to please every single person.

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If you have a full time job with a large corporation or a small company, you are more than likely used to getting a yearly review correct? I'm not normal...I look forward to them!! I want to know what areas I can improve on and do better in. If we don't know what needs improvement, nothing will ever change, nor will we grow as people, and as business owners.


As crazy as this sounds, it's almost the end of the year already! Send all your past clients, an end of the year review...of your business. Find out exactly what it is that you can improve on so that you can make 2018 your best year yet! Your improvements will gain new clients, as well as keep your current clients, continually returning!


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