5 Tips To Go From A Hobby Photographer To  A Paid Photographer

5 Tips To Go From A Hobby Photographer To A Paid Photographer

A lot of people say that this market is saturated. If you see it the way I do, then its not. There are billions of people on this planet. And each individual person is different from the next. BUT, we all click with someone. You just have to take the time to find your ideal client. When you research who your ideal client is, and market to them, they will flock to you! 

I created an ideal client worksheet that is in The Freebie Vault under the business section. You can get the password to the vault here


For the transition of photography from hobby to your very own business, there are a few things you can do: 

Market Your Photography Skills – Sell yourself, in other words, let people know about what you can do in the field of photography, why they need your skills and why they should hire you. When you are confident in what it is that you do, and can talk about it with confidence, people tend to see you with authority. 

Join Facebook Groups – Maybe its a WAHM group that is local. Get to know them. Create a small guide with some tips on how to take photos of their kids at home. 

Join Photo Competitions – This can be a great learning experience. Some times you might lose, but then you will build your skills in the long run. When you win, you get the privlege of adding that badge to your website for potential clients to see. 

Offer Your Skills For Free to Non Profit Projects – Volunteer at animal shelters, family events, running events, concerts, dance recitles.  All of these are great opportunities to volunteer your services, and get to know people. Make connections and possible potential clients. 

Offer Samples of Your Work to Newspapers and Magazines – This is just like joining a photography competition. When you offer samples of your work to newspapers and magazines, you’re improving the chances that you’ll get noticed by the people who matters. When they use the images, they will give you credit. I know our local news station changes their cover photo often with their viewer images. And they always tag the source. 

Although I can’t say that the road to victory is easy, never give up, never stop taking pictures, and never stop learning! 

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