Tips & Advice For a Beach Photography Session

Tips & Advice For a Beach Photography Session

What to Expect at a Beach Photo Shoot

Whether you are a photographer headed to the beach for a photography session for the first time, or a family that will have a photo session on the beach this summer while on vacation, here are some amazing beach photography tips and advice from Florida photographer, Christy Curtis of Inspired By You Photography LLC

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If you’re visiting the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to capture those beachy memories in a fun family beach photo shoot. I want you to get the most of out of your beach photo session, so I have a few helpful tips.

Plan your photo shoot to be on your very first beach day

• You are less likely to be sunburnt

• If weather is bad on your first day, you will still have other days to reschedule your session

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What to Expect at the Shoot

• Beaches are windy so expect your hair to get blown around

• Flowy clothes look great for beach pictures

• There will be other people around. You can expect some people might watch for a few minutes, but they don’t usually stick around. As your photographer I do will do my best to choose spots with as few people around as possible.

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Kids on the Beach

• Sometimes for young children they do not like their feet to touch the sand. I recommend bringing something soft and familiar, like a blanket, that your children can stand or sit on.

• Bring a friend. If you have young children, I recommend you bring along someone they are comfortable with. A friend can help distract them, watch the children if you want a picture alone or with your spouse, grab your child’s attention so we get that perfect candid photo. Friends are a great resource!

• Bring a reward to give to your child. Taking pictures are hard work for kids. There is often a lot of following directions… bringing a reward helps to incentivize them.

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Pets on the Beach  

• If you are bringing a pet, please bring a friend to help watch your pet and grab your pet’s attention.

Bring some potty bags just in case. We don’t want to leave a mess on the beach


Shooting on the beach

·      The first and last hour of light is the best light of the day, also known as the Golden Hour. This is because the light is softer and the sun is lower.

·      You are most likely to see the sky light up with colors at the Golden Hour.

·      The first and last 15 minutes after and before the sun rises and sets is the most colorful time of the day.

·      When shooting in manual mode, you will want to expose for the key. This will help you capture all the colors and cloud formation in the sky.

·      You can expect the sand and water to reflect sunlight. This is another reason why the last hour of today is the best time to shoot. You will have less light hitting your subject.

·      You can expect there will be wind blowing, so prepare accordingly.

·      Try to avoid shooting in direct light or you will get funny shadows on faces.

If the sun is behind your subject, you can expect your subject in the foreground will appear shaded.

This is because your camera is exposing for most list area in your frame.

·      You can place your subject facing the sun.

You will risk of having spots in your image that are so bright your image loses details in those areas.

·      Find a shaded spot that is evenly shadowed, (no light blotches), and place your subject in the shadow. You can expect the background to be very bright, but your subject will look evenly lit up.

·      Overcast days are great to shoot in, because the clouds act like an excellent light diffuser to help soften and even the lighting around you.

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Capturing Candid Moments

·      A real moment must be real emotion captured.

·      You can plan a moment and then be intentional to capture the real emotion in your planned moment.

·      Capture the activity

·      Capture your subject’s interaction with the activity

·      Your ultimate goal is to tell a story with your pictures.

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Thank you so much for those amazing tips and advice Christy! So many things I never would have thought of! All of your beach photography sessions are absolutely stunning!


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