Do Your Photography Clients Know This?

Do Your Photography Clients Know This?

All right photographers. We have all been there. And if you haven't yet, just wait. you will. 

We tend to get so caught up in our process that we forget to think about the fact that, our clients, really don't know what our process is. Nor do they know our photographer language. For example, I have had a client refer to cloning something out, like a spot on a shirt, as cropping. 

They don't know. And it is completely fine that they don't know what all that means. That's why they hire us! Because we do know. 

But what happens when they ask a question and you really just don't know how to answer it? Maybe you have never been faced with the particular issue they are asking about. 

Or you are just starting out and haven't had that much experience yet. 

Here is one example I am talking about. 

Client: "I have talked to a few different photographers, and this one will do the session for $xxx. I really love your work and we really want to book with you, but your prices are so expensive, could you possibly do it for that same price? I mean, you both basically do the same thing right?" 

OH that stings right? Your first initial reaction to that will sting. BUT, let it go. 

They don't know. 

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Here is what they don't know about our photography business: 

They don't know the blood sweat and literal tears you have been putting into your business. Do you transform each and every image a client gets in Photoshop? Like, take it from a bland dull background and maybe use a digital background to bring it to life? That takes a lot of work! Not to mention the time it took to learn that technique! 

Are you a newborn photographer? I have only had a couple newborn sessions. Its just not my thing. Babies lay there....but their sessions really are a lot of work! Well, I take that back, they only lay there when they are sleeping. Wake them up and they are squirmy wormys all over the place! And it can get difficult to get the shots!

How many hours per day or week do you spend self promoting? Blogging your sessions, email marketing, social media promotions. ALL of that, is time. Valuable time. And time is money. 

How often do you get maintenance on your camera? Or maintenance on your computer that you edit their sessions on? 

What about the materials to deliver the images? Do you have physical products? Or an online service. either/or, it all costs money. 

And your specific session prices, should be set to reflect all your business costs. 

I know this isn't all of it. But you get the point. They. Don't. Know. 

And let me guess, your thinking to yourself that I am saying you need to explain this to each and every client that you get that asks that question? 


Here is the shorter version:  

"No I can not lower my price or price match with other photographers. My pricing

structure is unique to me and my business, just the same as his/her pricing structure

is unique to him. My session prices are in place to reflect the cost of my time

spent with sessions, as well as my editing time, travel time, and all other factors

that go into the cost of business."

Please feel free to copy and past that or use it in your own words if you are ever faced with that situation. 

As a matter of fact, I have answered 29 more of these frequently asked questions, for you. 


Questions like: 

*Why can't we get all the images from our session?

*Why do I have to sign a contract?

*I have a friend that has Photoshop. Can I just give him the images to edit and get a discount on our session? 

*Can my best friend follow you around taking pictures at our wedding? She is an aspiring photographer. 

All of these questions have been professionally answered. You will also be able to copy and paste these, and reword them if needed, to fit your business needs. 

So photographers, don't get worked up about questions that clients ask. It is OUR job to educate them. 

Get the free download, below! 


Let me know in the comments what you think of the download! Also if there is anything you think needs to be added, I would love to hear it! 



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