Easy, And Simple Wedding Planning

Easy, And Simple Wedding Planning

If you are newly engaged, fist of all, congratulations! Second of all, you are in the midst of planning one of the most important days of yours and your significant others life! It's an exciting and happy time!

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I am a professional photographer, therefore I have provided my services to many weddings, and I know how important every little detail is. From each wedding vendor you hire, down to one of the most important parts of a wedding, the invitations.


Every aspect of planning a wedding, is no more important than the other. And there are many, many aspects of planning a wedding. Many! Keeping the details organized really is the key to having a fun, and exciting planning process with your groom to be. Along with simple classic wedding invitations,  Basic Invite has a feature for brides and grooms to be, called, a wedding website.


Their mobile friendly wedding websites make sharing all your event details with friends and family a breeze, as well as collecting addresses, and RSVPs by sending one link to everyone on your invite list. I have seen so many wedding couples get frustrated because many people they have invited forget to send back their RSVPs. Myself included when my husband and I married. This is a digital world now, and Basic invite understands that. Thankfully!


You can see some examples of a wedding website below.


This very simple, yet classic template is just one of many free wedding websites to choose from. 


At the top you can see the event date and location. Then a short discription of each of you along with a profile image. 


Next is where you will tell everyone your story! How the both of you met, how you got engaged, and show off your engagment photos! 


You can even provide a map of both the ceremony and reception for your guests! 


Here is the fun part! Collecting your wedding guests addresses! All they have to do is fill in the information and when they submit it, it will then be collected on your website for you. That information will not be visiable to anyone else but you. 

You can also provide your wedding registry links with your guests! To make it even more simple for them, insert the link to the specific registry page per website. They really did think of everything! 


Now for the fun part! Gone are the days of relying on your wedding guests to send back their RSVPs through snail mail. And most of them forgetting! All they have to do is fill in their name, and check if they accept or decline. You can even provide your dinner choices, and let them choose their preference right there, along with any song requests that you can pass along to your DJ!


Finally share your engagment images along with any of your social media platforms so that guests will be able to tag your personal hastag (if you choose to create one) after the event, so that you will be able to see all the different memories that everyone captured!

Basic Invite has thought of everything to help keep you organized during your wedding planning process. Along with these simple and classic wedding websites, you can coordinate with simple classic wedding invitations to match! 



This blog post is sponsored by Basic Invite. However, all of these opinions are my own as I have personally researched and tested their wedding websites so that I can honestly give my opinion on the functionality, ease and user friendly service.


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