7 Easy Marketing Tips

7 Easy Marketing Tips

If you want clients, then you need to be actively showing up everyday and doing something to market your photography business. You can’t just post your photos on social media and expect them to find you. Here are 7 easy marketing tips that you can start implementing today.

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1.Partner with a local vendor

No matter what your niche in photography is, there will always be vendors or other small businesses you can partner with. Are you a children photographer? Partner with someone that makes clothes for kids. Tagging each other on social media will help the both of you. Also swap business cards with each other so you can share each others services.

Wedding photographers, partner with local florists or cake decorators. Tag them in your photos from the event. I’m sure they would love the free publicity and return the favor.

2. Print Gifts

The gifts don’t have to be anything expensive or elaborate. Something like a few square prints from your clients last session. They will be completely surprised by the gesture that I guarantee they would post a picture of the gift on social media and tag you!

I love ParaboPress the photo printing app! Use the code LQINIS to get 25 square prints FREE. Grab the app at https://www.parabo.press/.

3. Prints

Do you have clients order physical prints from you? Have the prints be sent you first, and put your personal touch to the packaging.

4. Network With Other Photographers

Networking with other photographers can be a great tool. Such as, a wedding photographer networking with a family photographer. Share and promote each other's work.

5. Create a Client App

If you deliver your clients final images with Pixieset, you have the option to create an app just for their session. They can place the app directly onto their home page of their smartphone or tablet to easily show off their images to friends, family and coworkers. Oh and then of course they will ask who took their beautiful photos!

6. Business Cards

This is definitely not an outdated way of marketing. It’s still relevant to carry business cards on you wherever you go. Who knows, you might be a party and meet a new family. You get to talking about what you do and they ask if you have a business card.

7. Branding

Taking great photographs is only a small part to great marketing. Creating an amazing experience from the moment a client contacts you, to delivering their images, will leave them talking about you and your business for years to come. With amazing branding, comes amazing results!

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