50 Ideas For Newsletter Content For Photographers

50 Ideas For Newsletter Content For Photographers

Coming up with consistant content for your newsletter can be hard sometimes. As photographers, it’s our job to take pictures. But when we are running a business, it’s also our job to stay on a clients radar. Email marketing is a great way to do that! Social media posts disappear too quickly. With email, it is just you, and your reader. Zero distractions!

Here are a few ideas to help with your email marketing content!

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Behind The Scenes

Have a helper join you at a session and have them get a lot of behind the scenes photos. Photos of you posing your client, directing your client, and even capture images of the way you take photos. Use the images in a newsletter and talk about them. Talk about why you shoot the way you do, and talk about your process for posing. This is a great way for you to show potential clients a little bit of the inside scoop of how a session with you would be. You are answering a question they didn’t even know they had, (what it’s like to have a session with you), thus making them feel at ease with a little extra in the know, and then booking a session with you!

Wedding Photographer

Show off your art with the little detail images. Ring shots, bouquets, table settings, locations, etc. Not only will you get to showcase your images to potential brides-to-be, but you will be getting it across to them that you know what you are doing, and you know how important even the little things about one of the biggest moments in their life, is important for you to capture.

Family Photographer

Share multiple sessions with families and make a list of some important tips for having a successful family or children session. What to wear tips, advice on what will make a session go smoothly with little ones.

There are 47 MORE ideas for your newsletter content for wedding, family/children, pet, senior, Boudoir, maternity, and newborn niche’s! I’ll send them straight to your inbox!! Just enter your email below!

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