1 Proven Method To Get More Word of Mouth Photography Clients

1 Proven Method To Get More Word of Mouth Photography Clients

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Customer service in your photography business should be your number one priority. A little bit of communication and thoughtfulness can go a long way. Especially when it comes to making your clients feel special and making them feel like they are your priority. Well, without them, you obviously would not be in business.

One key to getting new clients, is treating your current clients WELL! Word of mouth from them is the best marketing tool with biggest impact. If your very best friend that you have known for a long time, came to you and raved about a product or service, chances are, because they recommended it, you are going to try it out for yourself.

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So what can you do to win over your clients, and start getting those word of mouth recommendations that you know you deserve? Since the Holidays are right around the corner, something as simple as a Christmas card will put a smile on their face!

Most of society has gotten so caught up with the convenience of the internet and social media, that we forget about the little things that can make someone feel special. Like how Facebook reminds us that its someones Birthday. Sure, it makes you feel good when someone posts “Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day!” on your wall. But, it’s just not personal enough.  One of the little things that isn’t used enough, is snail mail! Because it is such a forgotten about marketing tool, when you do use it, the impact you make because you took the time to personally think of them, can be amazing!

I know what your thinking. You may or may not have been collecting client home addresses. Well, I’ll forgive you this time. So for now I will just tell you about an amazing tool that you can use to send out one link, to all of your clients at once. It will collect their addresses for you and store them. This amazing little tool is from Basic Invite. They specialize in invitations and greeting cards, but they do understand the value of our time and how little we have of it these days.

Click here to see what the address collection screen looks like. When you sign up for an account with Basic Invite, your personal link will be created and all you have to do is copy that link and either send it in a text, email, or social media message. Your client will open that up, fill out their information and that’s it! I don’t know that it can get much easier than that! Or maybe it can! Not sure what to say to your clients when asking to collect their home address? I created this copy and paste template for you! Just copy it, paste it, and customize it with your clients name and your business name.

Yes you will notice that in the template it does say why you are collecting them. Maybe you wanted the Christmas card to be a surprise? Well, these days, it’s better to be 100% transparent about why you are collecting a clients information. With information breaches all the time from social media platforms, people are starting to become a little more cautious with where their information is going. As well they should be. However, if you already have an amazing relationship with your clients, and they know, like and trust you, there won’t be any issues.

Besides, that leads me to my little bonus tip. Surprise them in the Christmas card, with a little gift of a % off by booking their next session with you! If they just recently had a session with you, suggest they give the % off to a friend!

Basic Invite has so many holiday cards to choose from! Check out a few samples below! You can click on the images to check out more Christmas cards!

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