How To Prepare For Your Winter Family Photo Session

How To Prepare For Your Winter Family Photo Session

Some people shy away from winter sessions because, well, it's cold. But winter sessions make for some prime photo ops, so don't write off the brr months! 

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1. Keep tracking the weather. Those white winter days after a lot of snowfall can result in some seriously gorgeous photographs. Booking two months out probably won't work, and you'll instead want to book on a shorter notice. I myself create a waiting list. Its first come first serve and no one pays anything unless we actually shoot! I live in Illinois, so our weather varies from day to day! 

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2. Really play up the winter accessories when planning outfits. Think cozy knit scarves, colorful coats, adorable boots, mittens and more! Maybe add in some props! An old vintage sled. Some antique metal coffee cups for hot chocolate! 


3. Plan the day out so that nobody gets fussy or too cold. A bribe of hot chocolate after the session goes a long way. Also make sure that everyone's dressed warmly. 

This is my daughter light testing for me! Grumpy happens at any moment! LOL!

This is my daughter light testing for me! Grumpy happens at any moment! LOL!


4. Don't be afraid to have fun in that snow. Snowball fights? Snowman building? Angels? The possibilities are endless and this should be all about having fun and capturing unique family images! 

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5. Choose colors and prints that pop. An all white background is absolutely beautiful, but having that pop of red or that flash of gingham can really make for a gorgeous photograph.


6. Pack the necessities. Noses tend to run in the cold, and glasses can fog up. Bring tissues, hand-warming packs, clean clothes and hot beverages to keep everyone perky throughout the shoot.

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7. Because it can be really cold, note that a shorter session may be in order. Make the most of your photos by using every single second to the max, especially at the beginning of the session when everyone's still warm and spirits are particularly high.


Tips For Photographers:


We never know what our weather is going to be like here in Central Illinois. Keeping up with the forcast is vital to having successful snow sessions! Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning!

1. Only have a snow session if the temps are above freezing. These unique images are so fun to capture, however, everyones safety should come first. 

2. As well as tempatures, road conditions need to be high priority. Under no circumstances should anyone be out on icy roads. 

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3. If you plan to have multiple sessions in one day, it will be chilly, so make sure to dress warmly as you will be the one outside for a long period of time. Layers of clothes, hat, gloves, and even hand warmers are great cheap investment! Plan your sessions 30 minutes apart so you can hop in your car and turn the heat on!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Unless you live somewhere that has snow all the time, snow sessions are such a great way to capture a unique experience! 

Are you in the Springfield, IL area and would love to have a snow session? Contact me at and I will send you details! 



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