How To Respond To A Client That is Asking For A Trade

How To Respond To A Client That is Asking For A Trade


I have a lot of followers on my social media accounts. Can we possibly do a trade for pictures? 

How many times have you heard that from clients when you are just starting out? This person might have 100K followers on their social media accounts, and you get super excited! My business infront of all those followers! This could really help my business!!

Can it though? 

When you are a beginner photographer, and you are trying everything you can think of to get people to see your work and bring in some money, a trade like this can seem like a good idea. But it may not be a good idea at all, and a waste of time. 

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Here are some things to keep in mind when taking a trade into consideration: 

  • Is the person that is asking for a trade, in the same niche as you?

For example, are you a family photographer? Do you photograph mainly family and children? If the person that is asking you for a trade is no where close to being in the same market, it could be a waste of time. They might want head shots for their social media accounts, and their market is cars. Sure they have 100K followers, but how is their market going to help your business? 

  • Are their followers local?

Unless you are a photographer that travels, exposure from someone that markets beyond your own location, is a waste of time. I am in central Illinois and I do not travel outside of my surrounding area for photography. Sure, it is a slim possibility that they could have local followers that might be in need of some family pictures, but I would rather put my efforts into working with someone that is 100% local, and is in the same niche as I am. 


What do you say to someone that is pushing for a trade and you just aren't comfortable with doing this? 

"That is awesome! However, no I am afraid not. Our target markets are not exactly the same, nor are they all local. That would not help me to book sessions. As well as I do have bills to pay with my sessions, and doing a trade with you, does not guarantee that I would get bookings."


Don't be affraid to say no. Putting your foot down and standing your ground, will have more of an impact on your business getting the respect that it deserves, rather than giving into the pressures of what someone else thinks is good for your business. 

When you are just starting out, you don't always have the answers because you haven't had the experiences just yet. Thats ok. It all comes with time. 

I do however, have a free PDF for you that can help you out along the way, when you come across those uncomfortable client questions that you just aren't too sure how to answer. 

My Photography Client Frequently Asked Questions PDF includes 30 professional answers to their questions. Questions such as: 

  • Why didn't we receive all of the images from our session?

  • My brother has Photoshop. Can I just give him the pictures to edit and we get a discount?

  • Why do I need to sign a contract?

  • I know someone that charges less, can you do it for their price?

Get the answers to those questions and more from my free PDF download!




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