One Easy Trick to Improve Your Photography Drastically!

One Easy Trick to Improve Your Photography Drastically!

There are many things you can do to improve your photography. Improving exposure, using a shallow depth of field, becoming a Photoshop whizz… But the simple, quickest and easiest way to improve your images is to work on framing your images properly.


Without a doubt the single most important aspect of photography that separates good photographers from beginners is how their shot is framed.


The best thing about this? You don’t have to buy any expensive equipment!

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Here are some tips for improving your framing skills:


Slow down

When I shot film, I knew there was a cost for each shot. A roll of film, developing and printing was expensive! Now there is no real cost, bar the camera.

This means many new photographers have a habit to snap away, rather than really looking at the image their taking.


Reframe to exclude unwanted objects

How many times have you thought ‘I’ll just photoshop that later’? Only to find that removing said item is significantly harder than you’d imagined? It is almost always MUCH easier to move around the main subject a little so that you lose anything in the frame that is distracting or that you just don’t want to be there. Just like the fact that we can now shoot and delete in real time, there is nothing wrong with taking multiple images in different positions.


Slow down and take a good look at how you’re framing the image. Pay attention to what is surrounding your subject. Are you taking photos of people, and if so, what are the surroundings like? Are there random objects that look like they are coming out of their head? Are you too close to trees or bushes? Creating depth in an image is also apart of framing. Having subjects too close to trees or bushes makes an image flat and not very appealing.



Horizontal Or Vertical

This is another big mistake that new photographers when framing their images; shooting in the wrong orientation for the subject matter.

While there’s no hard or fast ‘correct’ way to choose your orientation, if you have too much wasted space around your main subject, it’s probably worth trying in the other orientation.

Zoom In on the subject

Quite often, when you’re framing your subject, it’s really easy to keep the framing just a little bit loose, so there is just a little too much space around the subject. This is especially easy when you’re photographing people.

Next time you’re taking in an image, try zooming in a little on the subject.


Reframe the image in post

As a photographer, you should be trying to get the image as perfect as you possibly can, in camera while taking the photograph.

However, with the new large sensors that most cameras have, it doesn’t hurt to reframe the image by cropping the photograph in Photoshop.


As we discussed earlier, learning to frame an image properly is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to improve your photography.



Framing an image is one of the many basic fundamentals we are supposed to learn about photography when just starting out. Again, it’s simple and you don’t need any fancy equipment.


Most photographers today skipped learning the basics and went right into charging for their services. But are now back tracking because they are wanting to learn to get better and think they need to spend thousands of dollars on gear.  There are so MANY more easy fundamentals to learn that will improve your photography tremendously without breaking the bank. In my eBook, Photography Basics 101, I go over these basic core lessons that should have been learned the moment you picked up a camera.


You can even apply these to phone photography!


I’m sure $10 sounds way better than $2000 for a brand new camera right? Learn the fundamentals now with Photography Basics 101, then you will have more of an understanding of how to improve your images.

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