Mailchimp Vs. Mailerlite

Mailchimp Vs. Mailerlite

I have been with Mailchimp for about 3 years now. I never had an issue with them...until recently. I am not going to bash them. I am simply going to give my experience, review and comparison. Everyone has their own preferences. These are mine. 

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I am no where near qualified to work for the Geek Squad. And I don't consider myself a techy person, however, I do learn quickly. I am self taught with a lot things. Mailchimp being one of them. When I first started out with them, everything ran smoothly. I built my email list to just over 400 subscribers. On occasion I would have an issue, I would contact customer service, and they would respond in a timely manner. Issue resolved, business as usual.  

Over the last year, things with MC changed. I started having more and more issues. One of them being my automation. The other, their customer service. Point blank, when I had an issue, I filled out a ticket, but wouldn't hear from them. Not until I sent them a tweet about the issue. Yes, i understand that the world has adjusted to social media for everything. I get it. Except, my personal preference, I don't feel I should have to resort to tweeting an issue, and tagging the business, before I get a response to help go through my issue. I personally think that is unprofessional. 

So, I started asking around to my online business friends what service they use and their opinions. I tried out Get Response. Eh.  I mean, you physically draw a line to connect your workflow. Its...Okay. But. Not really for me. Customer support wasn't very responsive. Which now that I type that out, their whole persona is an oxy moron. 

Itried out Mad Mimi. Way too similar to MC. I wanted something that was different. 

Moving on to the next suggestion. Mailerlite. 

Que the record screech!

The heavens parted, the golden light from above shined down on their logo and the most angelic music played on harps by tiny little flying cherubs batting their eyelashes, filled my heart. 

Was that the cheesiest description ever? Yes. 

Was it the most accurate? Yes. 

I've gotten more opt ins in the 2 weeks I have been using Mailerlite, than I ever did using Mailchimp.  ML is simple. VERY user friendly. After just signing up with them I obviously had a few questions getting started, but guess what....their customer service....they have an instant chat box right there on their site while you are working, accessible ANY time, and they reply....within MINUTES! 

You can easily integrate it with your website. Just copy their code and paste it. There are so many more options for customization its crazy! 

Everything about Mailerlite is just, easy. And that is what small business owners need. We need easy. We have so many other tasks we are trying to get done. We don't need something hindering our results and slowing down our goals! 

If you are thinking about email marketing, Mailerlite. I will recommend them to anyone!! 

Just click on the image below to sign up!! 

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