7+ Ideas For Photographers To Make Money In The Slow Season

7+ Ideas For Photographers To Make Money In The Slow Season

Are you struggling with ideas for the upcoming slow season? Are you getting a little nervous trying to figure out how you will keep the cash flow coming in during the winter months? Here are 7+ ideas that you can get started with right away, and keep your momentum going when the frigid temps hit!

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Updated Headshots/Office Space/Branding

Over the last few years, a lot of businesses have started closing because of the online world takeover. Its sad, but it's true. However, a lot of them are realizing that they can keep their storefronts open, and add online shopping. So what does this mean for photographers? Well, most of these businesses need to spruce up their online storefronts/websites if they are going to be attracting online customers. Photos, photos, and more photos! Maybe they are trying to open an ecommerce store and need images of their products. Just because they are going more towards the online experience, doesn't mean they should be hiding behind the online checkouts. They still need to show their faces to the clients and customers. Maybe they need some updated headshots for the owners and employees.

Along with the above, businesses will also need to keep up with their social media presence, such as Facebook,Instagram, and blogs. Maybe they are wanting to take this time to rebrand and update their presence. That is where you come in! You can offer to take branding photos for them so that they have content to post to social media!

Wrap all the above into one offer, or break it up into several packages. Either way, there are so many possibilities you can offer them.

Real Estate Photography

This one I am going to try my hardest not to ramble on about. However, I do have a personal experience with real estate photography that gave me the idea to add this to the list. Within the last 2 years, I have been a home buyer and a home seller. When my husband and I were in the beginning stages of looking for a home to buy, of course we were all over the real estate apps. And while a lot of the images were very good quality, just as many of them were not. As a photographer, this broke my little camera heart. Images represent so much more than just a listing. They represent the quality you are getting from those agents as well. If the images were horrible, as in the lighting was so bad we couldn’t even tell what we were looking at, or just so grainy and small, we skipped it. Who knows, it could have been a palace. But we will never know because the first impression was not good at all.

When it was time for us to sell our home, I was of course intrigued at how our agent was going to do. He joked that he felt like he was under pressure because I am a photographer. I think he did a great job with his point and shoot! We were also told we would have a virtual tour added to our listing. Well when I think virtual tour, I think video. I was pretty excited! Until I got the email that our virtual tour was added to the listing and I opened it only to find a slide show of the images he took. That was pretty disappointing. I told you all of this because real estate photography doesn't have to be that hard or expensive. Also, don’t promise something you can’t exactly deliver either.

Want to learn about real estate photography? Just click here.

Promotional Videos

Most DSLR cameras have a video option now. And this one can actually tie into number one if you have the ability to take video. Talk to local businesses and offer promotional videos for them. A short 30 second introduction of who they are and what products or services they provide. Short clips put together so they can post it as their facebook cover. Even videos of their products. You can expand this to bloggers and home based businesses.

Updated Food Images For Restaurants

Are you always taking food photos for Instagram? Why not expand on that and offer updated food images for restaurants and their menus. Or even wall art to display. This can also tie in with taking images of entrees’ for the owners to post to social media.

Teach Workshops

There are always going to be moms and dads out there that would love to learn how to take better photos of their kids. Partner with other local businesses so that maybe you can offer more than just photography lessons, as well as gain more exposure. You can even teach a workshop to kids. It would make you extra money, and it will be something fun for the kids to do during the winter because they most likely have been cooped up in the house. When I taught a 6 week photography class to kids ages 8-18, we had a fun photo exhibit at the last class. They invited their friends and family to view their photographs and talk about what they had learned.

Everything you need to teach workshops to kids.

Everything you need to teach workshops to moms.

Offer To Work Exclusivly With Bloggers In Your Niche’

If you use Pinterest, then 99.9% of the time that you have clicked on a pin to learn something or read about something, you are reading a blog. Bloggers are always looking for images to use with their content. Are you a child and family photographer? Maybe there is a blogger that writes about lifestyle or family topics, that you could work exclusively with.

A nature blogger may not always be able to go out and get images themselves. Maybe this is something you can provide. Pet photographer? I know there are tons of pet bloggers out there always looking for cute or funny pet images.

Other Services

Having a photography business isn’t always about taking photos. There are other aspects of the business as well. Is there some other part of your business that you are amazing at? Maybe you always stay on top of your social media. It comes easy to you with knowing what content to post and when. As well as getting great engagement from followers. You could offer social media management services.

Are you great at graphic design? Offer your services to photographers that have a hard time creating promotional graphics.

If you are looking for places to sell your images online, Read my blog post, 36 Places To Sell Your Images Online And Make Extra Money.

If you have any questions about the ideas here, you are more than welcome to leave a commnet below!

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