Should You Make Your Pricing Public?

Should You Make Your Pricing Public?

This question, should you make your pricing public, is such an open ended question. There are so many opinions on this topic. One of them being, "Sure, I post my prices. It weeds out the ones just looking for a cheap service.". While that is true, it makes me cringe! 

First of all, while that statment is a way... did this person that is weeding out potential clients, inform these potential clients of everything that is incuded in their price??? And I mean every single detail?? Or are they just slapping a title on their site "1 hour family photo session = $300.00" ? 

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So basicly, the potential client went to the website because they are looking for a family photographer. They love the images, they love all the 5 star reviews, and then they see that $300.00 price tag and run. 

Well of course they are going to weed out the ones that ONLY see a price! 

When making prices public, make sure to outline a very detailed list of what is included in that price. And I mean down to the very last detail as in, how you archive their sessions. 

Here is an example of what is included in my 1 hour family sessions:

  • 1 Hour session

  • 4 subjects

  • 30 miles any direction from my town

  • 25-30 images

  • Downloadable gallery

  • Gallery can be shared on all social media

  • Gallery can be forwarded to family and friends

  • Prints (with a 30% discount) ordered directly from that album

  • All images are archived for life

  • Customer support from me for any issues or, for directions on how to download or share your album

  • Consultation of locations

  • Consultation of wordrobe for the family




If I am going to be spending a lot of money on something, and I am sure this goes for most people, I want to know exactly what I am getting, and what is included. So if you are going to post your prices on your site, that is completely OK. Just make sure to outline a detailed list of what is included. Typical blue collar reaction to a large price is to be skepticle. But reassurance, that the price is worth what they are going to pay, will bring in the sale.  



Now what reasons would there be to not post your prices publicly? This is my practice and I will stand by it for as long as I have a camera in my hand. I do not post my prices. I want contact. I want people to contact me to ask me what my prices are. 

I am a fairly social person. Of course I have my introvert moments and I can be so quiet you will forget I am in a room. But 80% of my personality is a social butterfly. 

I want people to reach out to me so that I can see who they are. Feel out their personality as well as they feel out mine. I am artist, and a very empathetic individual. I will not turn anyone away, but if I feel we don't mesh well, I can get a better understanding as to how I can "set the scene" of the session. 

When you are just starting out, there is no reason why you can't try something out and see if it works for you. Try out posting your prices. If that isn't working, then try out having people contact you. Of course you are still going to explain every detail about what is included in your price. I love being able to interact with a potential client so I can get to know them right off the bat. And YES, even with phone calls! I know! That is so unheard of these days! LOL! People either want to FB message, email or text! But there is a rare occassion that people still dial a phone number. And that is even better! I get to have a conversation with them and get to know them even more! I take what I learn about them and apply it at our sessions! Make it personal! And then, they become repeat clients! Why? Because we just became best friends (in my horrible Brennan Huff impression)! 

Honestly that is what it is all about. Forming relationships = success! 


If you are still uncertian about how to go about your pricing, then you should definitly check out some of the business guides below, from BP4U. 

  • How To Price When Starting Out

  • How To Start Your Photography Business

  • FAQ For Photographers

  • Tax Spreadsheets

  • Print & Go Organization Sheets

These are ALL in one low priced bundle! For less than $40.00! You can also spin the wheel to the left of their website for a cahnce to get it for 50% OFF! But hey, don't take my word for it. Please click on the image below to find out everything that is included in this bundle ;-). 




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