Why it's Important For Photographers to Have A Professional Watermark

Why it's Important For Photographers to Have A Professional Watermark

If you are a beginner photographer, then it’s no secret that you work very hard to get more clients. You want your friends, family and potential clients to take you seriously. One aspect of photography that you may not realize has quite a big impact on potential clients taking you and your business seriously, is your watermark.

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Why is a watermark so important? The very obvious reason is that it helps prevent online photo theft. What beginners don’t think about is their branding. No, I’m not talking about your business name or colors. I’m talking about your personality, and how you are coming across to potential clients, has a lot to do with your branding.

How you come across to others online, and in person, is how you will attract those clients. A watermark is no exception. You want something unique, but something that also shows that you take yourself and your business seriously. Because if you don’t take your business seriously, than why would anyone else want to?

Here are 3 reasons why you should have a watermark or logo on your images when you are sharing them online:

  1. What if your image goes viral? Imagine your photo being shared 1 million times. That’s one million times your business name would be seen, shared, and looked at. Most of us can only dream of getting that kind of free publicity.

  2. To be immediately recognizable. Think about all the logos you see throughout the day. Most of them are just the logo. No description about the business. How are you immediately recognizing them? The logo. It’s the same for photographers. There are a lot of us out there, so we need to take every little step to set ourselves apart from the rest.

  3. Prevent photo theft. Yes, if someone is going to steal your image, and really take the time to remove your watermark, they obviously have issues. And could have spent that time investing in learning how to take great photos. However, it is a great quick tool to prevent photo theft in general.

Of course you could just create something in other programs for free. But you are just going to get the same font that hundreds of other photographers are already using. When I found Photologo, I was so impressed with how professional looking their designs are. But the more I looked into this service, the more I found what they offer. They don’t just create your logo or watermark.

See the difference below. The top image is what I used to use. The bottom image is my watermark from Photologo.

Here are 3 reasons why Photologo is unique, and why I highly recommend them to all photographers searching for someone to create their logo or watermark:


  1. They staff professional calligraphers. Your signature logo is created by an actual person. It is then digitized.

  2. You are getting something unique as opposed to what everyone else is getting when they make their own.

  3. They offer more than just creating a logo:

-They have a service that will place your unique logo on your images in bulk.

-They offer stamps with your unique logo. Use them when you are sending out Christmas cards to your clients, or if someone purchase a gift card from you. Maybe you want to include a free print to your clients for each booked session? Have that print sent to you and then use the stamp on the back of the print! Being consistent with your branding everywhere, also helps with being taken seriously as a photographer, and business owner.

-Your purchased logo comes with a black version and white version, but they also give you the option to pick a different color for your branding purposes.

-They offer a free revision

-48 Hour turn around time or faster depending on the package you select.

Photologo has amazing customer support. In general my experience with them was fantastic, the process of getting my logo was beyond easy, they are affordable, and overall they left a very lasting impression with me.

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