The Top 6 Photography Mistakes to Avoid

The Top 6 Photography Mistakes to Avoid


We all start somewhere with any type of hobby or career. For beginner photographers, its not any different. The craft of photography can seem so overwhelming at times. Here are the top 6 mistakes you can avoid just by being introduced to the topics. 

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1. Not Paying Attention to the Background

It is really easy to get caught up in the moment taking pictures for clients. Especially if you are with busy body children. While some of us are skilled in the art of removing objects post process, some haven't quite mastered that yet. In order to make your editing job easier, pay attention to the background. If you are outdoors, make sure there are cars passing by, random people out for a jog, or a dog doing his business. While the last one would be a very funny outake, you still wouldn't want to deliver that to your client. Just take a few seconds to scan the background before clicking. Always try to be aware of your surroundings. 

2. Not Thinking About Lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of making or breaking an image. Too much flash can destroy a photo, as well as not enough light to illuminate the subject. Along with composition, and posing, lighting is one of the first fundamentals to be learned with photography. Would you like to learn more about lighting? Check out this ebook, The Beginner's Guide To Lighting

3. Not Taking Candid Shots

While new photographers are trying to nail down their posing is great, don't forget to take the candid shots as well. Every single image doesn't have to be perfect. Some times the candid shots are the perfect ones. Remember, our true job as a photographer is to capture a feeling to potray to the world. The emotions. Everyone can learn to pose. Not everyone can capture a heartfelt emotion to really tell a person's story. 


4. Never Zooming in

If you use a 50 or 35mm lens like I do, then no, you can't zoom in. You have to physically move your body closer. My father is a photographer, and while there are quite a few things he has told me over the years that stick out, one of them being is fill the frame. I'm not saying always fill the frame. Just don't always take the images far away. Later in post processing you might realize that the image would look better cropped in. Well then you risk losing the quality of the image. Take multiple shots, zoom in, zoom out. 

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5. Shooting into The Sun

While I know this is a very popular style of photography, there is a right way and VERY wrong way to do it. At midday, when the sun is at its highest point is the absolute worst time to do this. You run the risk of frying your sensor and destroying your camera. The best time to take shots like this is at sunrise or sunset. At these times, the rays from the sun are more filtered coming to the earth than they would be at any other time. This is called, the golden hour. The sun light is..golden. And stunning, beautiful, all of the words. Lighting a subject correctly at these times can be a bit tricky. But not something that is hard to learn.



6. Sticking to the Same Angles

There is noting wrong with moving around. I encourage it! You don't always have to shoot straight on to the subject. Take images from each side. If you are able to get above the subject, try that. I'm short, so sometimes thats not always an option for me. Also, don't be affraid (if you are physically capable of doing this) to get down on the ground. Sit, lay on your stomach, lay on your back. Just try it. Who knows, that image could be the most saught after capture of your liftime! 




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