Why Your Photography Business Needs a Blog, And How it Can Make You Money

Why Your Photography Business Needs a Blog, And How it Can Make You Money

There are many misconceptions about blogs and the people that have them,

  • You think you have to be a writer to have one

  • You think you need to have a substancial social media following to start one.

  • Aren't they an online diary?

  • You have to post everyday

  • Blogging was just a fad in the early 90s


All of those are untrue. I have been blogging for close to a year and it has opened my eyes to so many oportunities I never realized existed. 

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Here are 3 main reasons to start a blog for your photography business. 

1. SEO

What the heck is SEO? Search Engine Optimization. In short, its the key words you use on your website that Google stores, and then when someone searches, Google presents the person searching with those options to view. 

You obviously want more clients. With a blog, you post your work, as well as talk about the locations that you have sessions at. In simple terms, that helps potential clients find you in Google when they are searching for a local photographer, by using key words. The key words would be your location. So I am based in Pawnee, IL, but I shoot primarly around Springfield, IL. So lets say I have a session at Washington Park in Springfield, IL and I write about it, describe the location, it will come up in a Google search. Maybe even come up for someone looking for Washington Park and find my page. 

If you are a wedding photographer, you would include the vendors used at the wedding in your blog post. A bride to be searches for wedding cake businesses, and if you included the cake vendor in your blog post, with the business name, location, and images, your post would be included in the options presented to the bride to be. Bonus, she found YOU as their photographer! 


2. Build Trust

Its one thing to take an image, post it on social media and try to get interaction on it. Baically with social media its harder than ever before. Having a blog platform, you are able to divulge more into describing the images, talking about your sessions, and the experiences at the sessions, which paints more of a picture about you and your business. Your audience needs to know more about you. They need to get know you better and they need to be able to relate to you, to help make their decision of hiring you, easier. 


3. Showcase Your Expertise

Are you a master at making people feel comfortable infront of your lens? Do you know all the fashion tips and tricks to make your clients look their best at their session? I have been named "The Toddler Whisperer"! I am great with kids at photo sessions. Moms will contact me about a session, and then warn me that their kids are a bit on the rambunctious side. I assure them that I got this. No worries. When I deliver their album and they see how many amazing images I captured they are blown away! 

Showcasing your expertise will draw clients TO YOU, without having to exhaust your efforts trying to find them. 


Now, you have a few ideas of what you can write about in your blog, but you think you might run out of content to post because you may not be much of a writer. Because you are an amazing photographer, not a writer right?! And thats OK. Running a small business requires us to wear so many hats. Thats why BP4U created these prewritten fill in the blank blog posts. 188 of them to be exact. They also included the forms to send to your client to fill out, so that you are able to customize the posts with THEIR details. You can check it out right here!


Still not sure how to start blogging? Contact me right here. I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to this stuff and I LOVE talking about it! Send me a message and in the subject line put "Blogging Help!" 

I will help direct you on where to start! As well as give you a few little secrets on how you can make a few easy extra bucks with your blog!




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