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That sounds pretty awesome right? Well good thing you are in the right place! Hi! I’m Kori Evans. A mom, wife, photographer, educator, and blogger. I teach beginners how to increase sales in their business by offering them amazing tools and resources at affordable prices. As well as a lot of freebies ;).

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Getting Started with Email Marketing For Photographers

A lot of beginner photographers don’t realize just how important email marketing is in a business. Especially since it is getting harder and harder every day to be seen and heard on social media. This post is packed full of information to get you started with email marketing.

300 Mini Session Ideas

Photographers will be set for life with 300 mini session ideas to offer their clients! Set yourself apart for the rest of the photographers with these extremely unique mini session ideas!

5 Tips To Help Gain Clairity On Branding For Photographers

If you are thinking about the shiny things when you hear the word branding, like website, colors, and logos, then you don’t have a very clear idea on what branding is. This post will help boost your thought process on what branding is for photographers.


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