Basic Dark Presets

5 Lightroom presets compatible for desktop which stunningly enhances your photos such as travel, indoors, and outdoors. The different tones includes different vibes. 


Included in your digital download:

✔️5 Basic Dark Presets for Desktop (Latest Version of Lightroom)
✔️5 Basic Dark Presets for Desktop (Old Version of Lightroom)

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Please remember that presets are a great base, but they will work differently on each photo depending on your personal settings such as Jpeg and RAW, the lighting, colors, etc and work best in natural light. To get the vibes you're wanting just right, I would start by adjusting the exposure, contrast, shadows, and colors such as oranges, reds, and yellows (as skin-tone varies from person to person). To do so (or if you want to change greens or other colors), head to “Color” > “Mix” > move down the color wheel and change individual colors including their ‘saturation’, ‘luminance’ and ‘hue’. These presets work best on Mobile photos, but can also be applied to photos taken with a digital camera; however, you will have more adjustments to make,

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I will not share the files, sell them in any form, and I am prohibited from any derivative works.

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