Photography Basics 101

Photography Basics 101

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There isn’t a get rich quick scheme with photography.

You can't skip ahead and you always have to be learning. 

For beginners, the latest and greatest gear is not going to improve your photography over night. 

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You see an amazing image in a Facebook group and you ask them what camera or lens they used. Because you know if you had that same equipment, your images would look just like theirs and you will be flooded with clients in your messages begging you to take their photos! You'll be able to finally quit your day job because you will have money flowing out of your ears! 

Unfortunetly that is the furthest from the truth. 

What you should have asked that photographer was: 

  • What time of day did you take this image? 

  • What did you base your composition on? 

  • What were your settings? 

  • Did you use an off camera flash, or was that natural light? Or did you use a reflector? 

  • Did you use a polorizer filter? 

  • Is this straight out of camera or did you have to do a lot of editing? 

So many of us picked up a camera when our kids were little to capture our own memories. And then that led into loving photography and then taking photos for others. 

Sadly, the most important part about becoming a photographer was skipped.

Learning about the fundamentals. 

I wrote this ebook, Photography Basics 101, to help you go back and learn the basics of photography. And when I say basics, I mean the VERY basics. But, VERY important basics that all photographers need to know. 

  • The different focus modes (the little dots you see when you are focusing). What they are and why there are so many different ones

  • What the shutter is and how it functions

  • How you can still change the settings on a camera without using manual

  • What outdoor lighting is best to shoot in and why

  • Why you shouldn't use the built in flash on your camera

  • The basics of posing and placement

  • Rule of thirds

  • Leading lines

  • Composition, what it is and why it's important

  • The basics of depth of field

  • The basics of white balance

  • The Do's and Don'ts of using Lightroom Presets/Photoshop actions

Learn the fundamentals now, and save yourself thousands of dollars because you asked the right questions next time!

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